Senator Brewer: The Conflicting Personas of a Public Servant

This 63-year old politician has spent nearly half his life walking the halls of the Capitol. This fact alone should spark a statewide debate on term limits and make gorging at the public trough a criminal offense.  What’s even more troubling to this muckraker is how Senator Stephen Brewer has pulled-off such a public relations coup where he’s skillfully hidden his private Barre persona from Boston’s probing media all of these years.

Today, as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Brewer will present the Senate’s FY’12 budget at a much anticipated press conference.  No doubt his public Boston persona will rule the day,  that of a humble, soft spoken country boy from Central Mass who has “come to realize the human condition across the whole state“.

Mr. Sensitivity even recently said:

Every time I go into the State House, I have been walking into that incredibly beautiful building for 31 years, I say a little prayer about being honestwhich is very important for public officials.

Voters no doubt believe this b.s.  But what’s unbelievable is the fact the press has not called him out.  Well now is the time.  Trust me, he’s not the caring, introspective politician he claims to be.  Brewer, for good reason, hides his roots.  He hides his true self.  He hides his Barre persona.

Why?  Because the Truth would expose him as nothing more than a calculating, scheming corrupt politician.

This muckraker invites the State House press corp to take a field trip.  Come to Barre.  It’ll be the most worthwhile 60-miles you’ve ever traveled. Visit the former Barre Wool property.  Visit the Martone Landfill.  Visit Coldbrook Resort.  Visit 140 Union Street.  Visit the former aggregate quarry started by R.T. Curtis Inc. And don’t forget to inquire about the town’s “quiet economy” – drugs.

Know this history and you will discover the real Stephen Brewer: “Coming from Barre has made me everything that I am“.

Here’s a man who’s crafting a $30-billion dollar budget yet nobody has stopped to ask one simple question, “Who the hell is this guy?”

I wouldn’t trust him with $10.

It’s time to start asking some serious questions.  It’s time to do some real investigating.  It’s time to explore how a life-long politician from Nowhere has risen to such rarefied heights to become one of the most powerful pols in the commonwealth.  It’s time to know the real Stephen Brewer.

The spotlight is on him – for once.  I pray that there’s an honest reporter out there who’ll demand honest answers from a man who’s duped the State House press corp for more than three decades.


BOSTON —  State Sen. Stephen M. Brewer, named the Senate’s top budget official in January as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, will have his coming-out party today when he unveils his first annual state budget proposal.

Mr. Brewer, D-Barre, who is scheduled to announce details of the Senate budget for fiscal 2012 at an 11 a.m. Ways and Means meeting, said one thing is for certain — the budget will have no new taxes.

He said the appropriation, totaling more than $30 billion, will be one of the most frugal spending plans to come out of the Senate in decades.

The budget will deal with several major issues, including a new proposal from the Senate to provide cities and towns the authority to make changes in employee health care plans.

The House version, which drew fierce criticism from public employee unions, would strip unions of rights to bargain for health care benefits and allow cities and towns to unilaterally increase deductibles and co-payments of health care plans to levels that are paid by state employees….

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